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Nasya Karma in Ayurveda

Nasya Karma

It involves the administration of medicines through the nose in the form of drops or powders.
Useful in : Chronic Sinusitis, Migraine, Hairloss, Paralysis, Mental disorders etc.

It is also known as shirovirechan. A very important part of the panchakarma therapy. Nasya Karma is proceduer mentioned in ayurvedic text regarding the disease related to head, eyes, nose etc. NAsya karma means administration medicine through the nostrils. Nostril is considered as the path way of brain.Nasya

Importance of Nasya Karma

The importance of administration of tretment through nostril has been practiced in INDIA since ages. Nasal douching with the clean and pure water ealry morning is considerd good for improving eyesights, prevents premature graying of hairs and hair fall. Purpose of performing Nasya Karma is to through out of the vitiated dosha in the head region. Nasya Karma is practically adviced in disease of head such as inflammation of nasal sinuses, disease of eyes such as pain, reddishness and weakness, disease of ears and disease of the upper throught. It has been regularly being prescribed in insanity.

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