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Kamasutra Way of Telling the Readiness of a Woman for Sex

It is the duty of the man to identify the desires of the woman and seduce her in the right way to have sex. There are certain signals that women gives out to tell their willingness to have sex with the man.Â

If the woman listens to the man, but doesn’t succumb to his intentions, he should wait and use a go-between approach.

If she comes dressed better than before and meet him at a lonely place, he can use a little force to enjoy her. Because she is expressing her desire to be united with this man.

Some women neither give themselves up nor dismiss the chance of having sex. Such women are triflers. Don’t cut the connection with such women, but should be kept as an acquaintance for some time. She knows your desires and you shall get her.

If the woman assumes the man is superior to her, he can make her identify with himself. It is difficult to win such women, but the persuasion shall not be stopped.

If the woman uses harsh words to dismiss the man, she should immediately be abandoned.

A woman who is kind to the man meets him at loneliness and touches his foot as if in an accident. Such women are indecisive. Such women can be won by patience. If such a woman happens to sleep in his vicinity, like in a marriage house, he should put his arm on her. Most probably she will repulse. But if the repulse is not real, it is actually an invitation to continue what he does. He can also embrace her closely or put his leg on her. If she behaves normally to him the next day, he can enjoy her at the right place and at the right time.

Signs that women give out to show their readiness to be used for sex by man are as follows.

She addresses him without being addressed by him.

She appears before him at secret locations.

She speaks to him in unclear voice and with broken sentences.

Her fingers and toes sweat and her face become blushed.

She shampoos his legs and presses his head. While shampooing, she uses one hand to embrace parts of his body. She also remains motionless, as if fatigued with both hands on his body. She will also be willing to shampoo his thighs when asked to. She also leaves one hand on his body and will not take it for some time even if he presses her hand between his thighs or body and hands.

She resists all his attempts to have her, but will return to him the next day for shampooing him.

When a woman neither encourages nor discourages the advances of a man, she is in a state of go-between. She should be won over by patience.

The first step in gaining a woman is to introduce to her. Then talk to her while giving away hints of love to her. If she gives positive hints in replies, he should continue to work on her to eventually gain her.

If the woman expressly reveals her interest by concrete signs, she can be gained quite easily. If she talks very lovingly and expresses her desire in words, she has already won over.

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