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According to Chark medicated oil for a suitable period over the head is called Murdha Tail. Acharya Vagbhatta has classified Murdha tail in to following 4 types-

  1. Shiraha Abhyanga– Annointing of head with medicated oils.
  2. Shirak Shek– Pouring oil over the head knows as Shirodhara.
  3. Shriaha pichu– Keeping Keeping a cotton piece dipped in oil over the head.
  4. Shirovasti– Keeping medicated oil over head in a specialized cap like structure..Spapackage

Use of Shirodhara-

  • It cures long standing insomnia.
  • It cures headache and migraine.
  • It cures hypertension.
  • It checks blindness and graying of hair.
  • It stpos fall of hair.
  • Hair becomes black, long and deep-rooted.
  • It also gives very beneficial affect on facial paralysis as well as paralysis also.
  • Sense organs become more sharp and work effectively.
  • Induce sound sleep and happiness.


  • The patient is made to lie on his back on a table specially prepared for this therapy.
  • Firstly annointing his head and body with medicated oil.
  • Head is made to rest over a slightly elevated position preferably over pillow.
  • Medicated oil is selected according the disease.
  • Two attendants are needed for this therapy.
  • One of them should hold the vessel contains the liquid so that the drip falls exactly on the forhead between the two eye brows.
  • Other collects the oil from the vessel kept below and puts it again on the oil vessel.
  • A wide mounted earthen or steel or copper basin having capacity of about 2.5 litres is used.
  • Through metallic chain it should be tied and hanged over the head of the patient from a special designed stand.
  • Small hole is made at the bottom of this basin- the size of the hole should be about 1cm diameter or just sufficient to admit the tip of the little finger of the patient.
  • Over the hole, a small-semi spherical hollow cup should be placed.
  • Over the top of this cup, there should be a whole corresponding to the hole at the bottom of the basin.
  • Through the hole of the cup, a wick with string of thread with free end and about 10 cm. long should be passed through the hole of the bottom of the basin.
  • The end of the cotton thread should just 8cm above the forehead.
  • The selected medicated oil or liquid poured into the basin and made flow through the cotton thread continuously on the appropriate part of the forehead.
  • Oil or liquid which comes out of the forehead of the patient is collected in a vessel kept below the table and the same is again recycled to the basin.
  • The process continues about 50 to 55 minuites in Vata Vikar, 40-45 minutesĀ in Paittik vikar and 30-35 minutes Kaphaj vikar.
  • This therapy should be given for 7 days/ 11 dyas or 21 days depending upon the nature of disease.
  • This therapy is perfomed in the early morning before 10 AM dail.

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